• Felicia Conner


I seriously feel like I’m having a love affair with my yoga mat!!⁣

I’m not good at yoga, meaning I am a beginner and very tight from head to toe. All the positions are challenging to me, but it still feels like a spiritual awakening every time I practice.⁣

My whole life I felt very disconnected with my body. We were separate beings and big-time enemies. After the abuse, I hated the attention it got, the way it felt, everything about it.⁣

My long time friend, my inner whisper, was guiding me to discover yoga. After my first class I had such an intense reconnection with my body I realized that we weren’t enemies, but we both were suffering through the pain together. I left that class and cried with deep gratitude and love.⁣

I am so happy that I am continuing to follow that whisper, no matter how hard, and enrolled in Alanna Kaivalya 500 hour yoga teacher training 💜 I also added an extra 40 hours of working with people who have experienced trauma with My Vinyasa Practice.⁣

Ever since I decided to lean 𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘭𝘭𝘭𝘭𝘭 the way into my podcast, my passion, my purpose, and go for whatever lights me up, I am living the best life ever. I am more confident, spiritual, and at peace.

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